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  • iCampus: PLAZA, Werksviertel München

    iCampus: Alpha - Beta - Gamma, Werksviertel Munich

    With the „PLAZA“, Rohde & Schwarz has set up yet another highlight in the new „Werksviertel“ in Munich. The architect office Chapman & Taylor drafted this building, which features complex facades of slats and its own elaborate shaping.

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  • Werksviertel, München

    Werksviertel, Munich

    One of the last and large areas with a potential for a fundamental rearrangement, which in itself has self- developed. The goal of the planning is an urban district with open rooms and an open outdoor area with high quality and tight and spacious existence from work, living and leisure offers.

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  • Technologiezentrum I, München

    Technologiezentrum I, München

    Rohde & Schwarz has underscored its innovative demand with the technology center and therefore has created a new and attractive working environment and an architectural masterpiece. The designed building from the architectural office of Heese (ABH) features a lighted design with a prominent glass atrium. The location in the new “Werksviertel” features the entitlement of an attractive location in Munich.

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  • Changi Business Park, Singapur

    Changi Business Park, Singapur

    Rohde & Schwarz has developed the Changi Business Park as an architectural and ambitious project in an attractive location. Nearby the airport is a multi-purpose usage of office space and a hotel. The appealing glass facade with green elements is featured with elegance and freshness. With the sky garden, The Forum architects put yet another highlight. Roundabout 2000 m² are growing trees and plants of all kinds. This is the perfect place for work, feeling well and regaining energy.

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  • Tassiloft, Tassiloplatz, München

    Tassiloft, Tassiloplatz, München

    With this project, Rohde & Schwarz has realized a highly attractive downtown location the once former office into a contemporary residential and office space. The front part of the building obtains in the elevators fully refurbished modern window hinges for a spacious incidence of light whereas the back part of the building, which has impressively high rooms, still maintains an industrial loft-like character despite its renovation.

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  • Mü15, Trausnitzstraße 6, München

    Mü15, Trausnitzstraße 6, München

    KSP Jürgen Engel architects planned and finished a building combines more functional uses. The flexibly designable upper floor serves Rohde & Schwarz as an administration and communication area. Located on the ground floor are conference rooms and training rooms. An interior architectural highlight, which was created by Lindau and Kindelbacher, is the staff restaurant and serves more than 1,800 guests for a dining experience.

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  • Bürocenter Friedenstraße (BCF), München

    Office Centre (BCF), Munich

    The real-estate office building of Rohde & Schwarz, which was purely created for that purpose, was designed by the well-renowned architecture office Stöter-Tillmann & Kaiser. Additionally to this office building is an appealing inner courtyard and a two-floor underground parking. Because of its office planning, the building features individual and attractive design possibilities. Rounding off, located on the fifth floor is a roof terrace.

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R&S Immobilienmanagement GmbH

R&S Immobilienmanagement GmbH is part of the Rohde & Schwarz group. As a subsidiary, we are integrated in the Rohde & Schwarz alliance, although we operate autonomously and independently. Since the founding of the company in 1990, we have supplemented the core business on a worldwide basis to cover real estate services in two business fields.

The challenge presented by the first field is in providing professional real estate management services for the leading, global technology company Rohde & Schwarz within the scope of their corporate real estate management.

The second, constantly growing field of activity is concerned with the real estate of third parties. Throughout Germany, we develop, build, operate and manage commercial real estate from a wide range of sectors, with a managed net rental income of around € 30 million euros.

Are you looking for a partner who can not only develop, but also implement real estate strategies? Who implements construction projects professionally? Who can guarantee high-quality management of your real estate, restructure your portfolio, or present you with a comprehensive location concept?

Our expertise covers the entire life cycle of your real estate property.

With their superior professional expertise and potential, our 37 committed staff members, who are all experts in your field, form the basis of our success. You can therefore be sure of proficient and individual management of your property.

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