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    We think of real estate as a returns oriented investment.

    At R&S Immobilienmanagement, therefore, asset management stands for the returns oriented and cost-effective development of real estate. It includes not only strategic and operative control, but also planning and monitoring of all activities relating to the real estate. The main focus here is always on optimizing profitability and enhancing the value of the real estate.

    With a qualified investment strategy – based on detailed analysis and evaluation – we optimize your assets to create a balanced real estate portfolio and improve the risk/reward ratio.

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Corporate Real Estate Management

Our top priority is to bring your real estate to the fore in the competitive field and to optimize the use of the real estate in line with the terms of your business policy.

With this as the central focus, our team of experts develop individual, future-oriented real estate strategies within your company’s planning and development processes. Using these perfected real estate strategies, the full potential of your real estate can be exploited and the return on investment can be increased.

We offer active and cost-conscious management of the commercial premises and their use, with the main focus always directed to efficient layout designs, flexible contract structures, and value-oriented leasing concepts.

The objectives to be achieved are:

  • Long-term minimization of real estate costs
  • Minimum vacancy periods
  • Reduction/avoidance of unused, superfluous, or inefficiently used real estate
  • Lowest possible costs and greatest possible flexibility with regard to contract law
  • Optimal risk assessment and risk avoidance

Your real estate will then become the key to your company’s success.

  • We are happy to support you and answer any questions you may have on the subject of real estate, from acquisition through to construction, leasing, administration and value enhancement.